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Etherstack is a PMR technology company that specialises in well designed PMR protocol stacks and wide area IP soft-switched core networks. Etherstack software is used on fielded radio equipment around the world. As an engineering company Etherstack works closely with clients to achieve technical excellence and reduce risk, cost and time to market.

With 18 years' experience, Etherstack is recognised as a technology leader in complex, standards-compliant protocol stacks.

Etherstack protocol stacks help manufacturers around the world build public safety, LMR and defence radio equipment in a fraction of the time it would take them to do so alone and today over 70% of LMR radio manufacturers employ Etherstack technologies.


Fast to Market

  • Etherstack offers a considerable suite of field-proven technology off-the-shelf
  • Our test tools streamline your system and field testing effort
  • We also understand the LMR standards and have the tools, core architectures and specialist engineers required to develop new protocols or features efficiently

  • Straightforward to Integrate

    • Protocols stacks are written in portable C90 code and isolated from hardware by a well-defined abstraction layer
    • Candidate areas for DSP optimization are self-contained, making performance tuning simple
    • Integrating a protocol stack onto your platform is a simple process of implementing hardware drivers to support the necessary (well-documented) interfaces

    • Automated Test Support

Low Risk

  • Etherstack have an unmatched track record of delivering stable, efficient implementations of complex standards at fixed price, on time and with warranty included

  • High Quality

    • Etherstack protocol stacks are consistent, robust, modular and testable
    • They are built from a common set of Etherstack Core Services (ECS) design pattern primitives that support an asynchronous event-driven, state-machine based architecture
    • Interfaces between all design entities are defined, so the stack is easy to understand, maintain and integrate
    • We aim to extract that extra dB of link budget to ensure our implementations are computationally efficient - reducing component costs and freeing processor resources for other radio functions

    • Responsive to Changing Markets

      • An Etherstack protocol stack is a one-off investment
      • Highly portable and supplied with all the tools and documentation needed to maintain it for use across multiple and future products

Protocol Stack Product

Etherstack offers a highly competitive price for full source code. This includes complete specification, design, interface and test documentation; PC-based radio configuration tools; our pioneering automated test system and hundreds of test scripts. We also emphasise pre-delivery and post-delivery support to ensure the delivered solution meets your requirements as you go to market.

We consider ourselves an extension of your engineering team. You have full visibility of our engineering products and processes. While you concentrate on platform and package differentiation in an ever more complex market, we take care of the standards-based software.

The Importance of Software Reuse

Protocol software represents a key investment. It is important you can reuse it on future platforms and in derivative products to save money, reduce risk, speed time-to-market and respond quickly to changing market requirements.

Code reuse is our priority. We specialise in highly modular operating-system agnostic software that can be ported to a wide range of embedded platforms.

In conjunction with this we have developed a pioneering test system to ensure our code can be maintained. This allows automated testing of the stack (or a single stack module or group of modules) in the development environment, after integration, during field trials and as new features are introduced over time. Finally, the details count in code maintenance: it is our job to pay close attention to documentation, test script generation, source control and code updates as standards and features evolve.

Wide Area All-IP Core Network

Etherstack’s air interface protocol stacks can be used with Etherstack’s All-IP Core Network, a next-generation SIP/RTP soft-switch purpose built for narrowband and broadband PTT communications. This boasts advanced features such as PSTN, packet data, rekeying, location services and end-to-end encryption.

Migration from MPT1327 and Analogue

Ease of migration is a stand-out feature of Etherstack solutions and we offer MPT1327 and analogue technologies alongside the newer digital standards.

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dPMR Features

  • 6.25kHZ FDMA ETSI Standard TS102 490
  • Mode 1, 2 and 3
  • Individual and Group Voice Calls
  • T1, T2 and T3 (Packet) Data Calls
  • Supplementary Voice Services
  • Beacon Channel Hunting
  • Traffic and Beacon Channel Powersave
  • Calls to Line Connected Terminals (PABX/PSTN/IP)

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